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Ronald and Partners Solicitors / Consultants is a 100% law firm on the one hand and 100% immigration consulting firmon the other hand. Here we have absolute stake and specialty and our approach is more extensive in practice and details compare to our other counterparts firm in Nigeria.

Weadvise individual, NGOs, local and foreign companies on all aspects of immigration law, both local and international. We have extensive experience in Nigeria commercial immigration law. We file applications and alsoprocessEstablishment Grants for Expatriate Quota, Business Permits, quota expansion and renewal, Re-entry / STR Visas, CERPAC, visa extension, filing of immigration returns and defending foreign expatriate and immigration offender before Nigeria Immigration Panels, Tribunals and the Regular Courts in Nigeria.

We also provide guide to cross border travellers and foreigners in matters relating to port cases, deportation and removal and extradition laws with relations to the various rules and conventions as applicable to Nigeria and other countries. We handle request for immigration waivers byforeigners, residency amnesties and refugee application processes in Nigeria.

We also file necessary papers for reconsideration and appeals against immigration decision and delays of migrant lawful rights. Weprovide counselling for Nigerians and foreigners resident in Nigeria in matters relating to international immigration regulations,consular correspondences and general visa support services for all categories of travellers and migrants.

We obtain entry visas to several countries of the world such the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Schengen Countries, Asia, Australia and other countries in Africa. We are frequently consulted by foreign law firms, professionals and individuals on various aspects immigration law in Nigeria and other Africa countries.

Our partnership on immigration related commerce cut across the six continents in the world.

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