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Commercial Law

Our firm advises on all aspects of business and commercial law. We undertake the incorporation of companies under the Nigerian law on behalf of foreign individuals and corporate bodies. We also undertake the preparation and perfection of all commercial documents and international contracts. We initiate and negotiate Joint Ventures and draft JV agreement.

We have profound experience in commercial contracts, sale of goods, commercial logistics and carriage of goods, receivership matters, negotiation and dispute resolution without having to approach courts when necessary.

We prepare pre incorporation contracts, formation, structuring and restructuring of corporate entities. We negotiate mergers, acquisitions, takeover and handing-over of companies.

We help corporate bodies in theassets acquisition, home and office leasing, asset sale, investigations and restructuring, mergers of companies between locals and foreigners.

We also file all necessary statutory returns in Nigeria, registering and filing of business compliance processes before government agencies in all the various sectors of the Nigeria economy ranging from mining, oil and gas, export and import, agriculture and acquisition of land for farming, tax waivers and general representations.

We are frequently consulted by foreign law firms, Professionals corporate bodies on various aspects of Nigerian business and commercial law.