Our firm has a noted notable hands that are skilled in Aviation matters and carriage of good by airline.

Our scope of service include working in harmonious relationship with, regulatory bodies in Nigeria particularly the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and Ministry of Aviation (MOA).

We provide complete startup legal advice for international airline operations coming into the Nigeria flight zone. We draft and review Bilateral Air Service Agreement (BASA), air craft leasing agreement and financing. We advise on registration of Airlie and deregistration processes.

We provide legal support inaspects of corporate regulatory compliance ranging from their employment and labour issues to importation of skilled personnel and expatriates to work in Nigeria.

We also provide legal support to dissatisfied domestic and international passenger in correspondence with the airline companies. We provide legal representation in claims and disputes under contracts of air carriage.

Summary of service areas

  • Start-up and drawing of Bilateral Air Service Agreement,
  • Domesticating expatriate employees,
  • Aircraft operating leases (wet & dry Leases)
  • Registration and Deregistration
  • Carriage by Air claims
  • Employment and labour matters
  • Industry regulatory compliance
  • Aircraft liens and Detention rights